Is Your Business Card Any Good?

is your business card any good


Entrepreneurs are regularly handing out business cards, especially at networking events, exhibitions and conferences.

While you might think that yours is doing the trick, people often leave business events with a stack of business cards that all look exactly the same. If your business card doesn’t stand out from the crowd it’s unlikely that it’ll make a lasting impression. In other words it’s useless.

At Project Design Print we come across too many people who are still using their business cards in an outdated or uninspiring way. While those “500 for a pound” deals can be tempting, poor quality ink and paper can be reflective of your own work quality.

Innovative and memorable business cards are the ones that experiment with different materials, colours, layouts and styles.

The importance of a quality business card simply can’t be overstated. If you’re unsure whether your business card is working hard enough for you, take a look at some of these tell tale signs that your business card isn’t all that good…

– It’s lacking creativity
– It’s been the same for years
– It’s outdated – (modern cards often include QR codes, social media logos and –  incorporate different types of technology)
– It looks similar to everyone else’s
– The paper feels ‘cheap’
– It’s lacking a call to action
– It’s inconsistent with your branding
– It doesn’t appeal to your target audience

When you’re running a business you should really be able to back up your claims up with every aspect of your marketing, and business cards are one of the most effective tools for promotion.

If you’d like to upgrade your business card, get in touch with Project Design Print today…

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